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Re: Its why Sony quit APS

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Can count on your (supposed) sabotage. We are talking about a cam we have previews on and some shots...And that is putting pressure on Sony? How is EM1 not pressure, how is the new GH4 especially no pressure. GX7? GM1....all real cams ranging in sizes and specs.

Sony has been very clever I think with the FF A7 series. There is virtually no threat. No cam has that unique sensor for a mirrorless cam.

The 7000 series simply would have entered an already competitive market. The Fuji is not going to change a lot about this.

Sony has fallen way behind Fuji in the APS mirrorless race now. When Canon and Nikon decide to jump in they know they will quickly fall to the 5% they are at in the DSLR sector.

Did you read the news? Canon did come with a mirrorless camera with APS sensor and guess what? They didn't even make it to the 5% Sony is in with their DSLRs....

They didn't try yet.

Eh, what do you mean? Is the EOS-m and EOS-m2 not a camera, with interchangeble lenses and no mirror, so a mirrorless camera? Didn't they try to sell it for a very high price? Didn't they, and many of the people on this forum, thought that it would take ofer the place? Well did it? No it was a failure!

They saw that 47% drop in mirrorless sales it was smart to stick with DSLRs a little wile longer. Meanwhile not only are mirrorless sales plummeting, but Sony went from 7 or 8% down to 4% in DSLRS sales.

DSLRs and sales figures has nothing to do with if Canon did try to market a mirrorless camera...

They only have one option and that is to focus on the expensive niche of mirrorless FF cameras. It may only be about 3% of the market, but they can make higher profits from people buying those $1000 lenses. You won't see anymore inexpensive APS sized lenses for a very long time if ever from Sony.

Who told you that? I've seen rumors...

Great. You are looking for to IBIS too, right! Always buy stuff because you hear a rumor that some day something might happen.

I will not buy a camera on rumors, I'v stated that a lot of times. But you are spreading a rumor that Sony will not come with new APS lenses, that is a rumor too, as we know notwhat Sony is up to. So I will not reject a camera on rumors only too.

The FF lenses work perfectly well on the APS cameras too, and not all of those lenses will be in the $1000,00 range!

Which won't be? Please be specific. In the mean time spend $3000+ for 2 or 3 lenses while the Canikon owners are buying wider aperture lenses that focus for a few hundred.

First: When you don't like a camera, don't buy it! There are enough cameras out there for everyone. The lenses for the A7 at launch are all (but the kit lens) very high quality! The 35 f2.8 is way below $1000,-- The kit lens is way below $1000. Only the 55mm 1.8 (look at the test on this site and you see it is almost as good as the $4000 Zeiss Otus) and the 70-200 f4 are over the $1000.

None of the Canon or Nikon lenses compare to the 55mm F1.8 from Sony/Zeiss.... Not even the much more expensive ones (look at the new 58mm Nikon G lens, $1600 and a lower score at DXO)

And all the Sony FE lenses do focus. The zoom lenses are Wide Apperture and do focus...

Cheaper lenses will come in the future. Sony sdtarted their new high end system with high end lenses. I can understand that people are waiting till the lenses they need are out there before buying into th system.

The LA-EA4 adapter offer all the existing A-mount lenses with fast AF, including WA and (long) Tele.

The plan is working well too. Look at the people who bought $300 camera bodies and a couple $300 lenses who are now spending $5000 on one body and 2 or 3 lenses. Too bad the camera can't focus on anything moving.

To bad that some people can't make the camera focussing on anything moving...

Yeah, that sells a lot of cameras. "buy our $2000 camera and learn to focus it yourself!". I am sure we will see plenty of those at the Olympics. Maybe this is why mirrorless sales are plummeting and DSLR sales are doing so much better.

Well there are some nice BIF pictures taken with AF and the Nex. BIFs are moving And to make it clear, when you want to do action photograp[hy you have to develop some skills, even with the fastest cameras. People who blame their tools are not the best professionals in general...

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