Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

brian14478 wrote:

And ten years from now one could still do the same and no one is going to say...Gee that was taken with an old camera wasn't it?

I could care less about what folks think about the age of my cameras.  But you are also neglecting that one uses a system of gear at the ILC camera level to take photos, not just a camera body.  To cover loss or wearing out of equipment you have to have multiple copies of your entire system as backup. Can be done, but at quite a cost.

For those who are lens invested or love the alpha amount bodies overall- in a worse case scenario pick up a couple back up bodies if used/new or new old stock starts flying off the shelves or ebay...

I've done that, have backups of more than just camera bodies, Have stated plenty that I like my current Sony A mount system, but that does not get accepted here as a valid mode.  Only cheering each new model and badmouthing anything older is accepted in this forum. Though it's really amusing how those same folks badmouthing the older equipment expect you to sell it to them cheaply.  Clearly it's not as useless as they claim.

I think there is a good possibility sony is waiting for the other manufacturers to release their new offerings. After feeling the market then sony will release amount bodies not only for existing owners but for those dissapointed with nikon/canon especially...not so much pentax/samsung or panasonic.

This would have to mean that Sony would be quickly rushing out changed bodies, lenses flashes or whatever  to " stay ahead ".  If you can quickly rush out some function then it means it was very little different, took no real research to do, and probably is known by every company. That's unlikely to change the world of photography or any of the other claims folks keep wanting to make about Sony only.  Such changes are as likely to already be in the hands of the advanced companies like Nikon or Canon.  Even the smaller companies are unlikely to be surprised. Sitting on it carries a great risk that your "wonderful thing" will turn up first and just as good or better in another brand and all you get to say is me too.

And does not fit with what was coming out of Sony about their A mount cameras how they were only going to release new cameras when they had something big to release and that was going to take some time.  Clearly they had some projects in mind but as they tried to develop them they discovered that it was not nearly as simple as they thought to do.  Maybe they will finally get it working, but with time passing it's not going to be near as exciting to the world and needs to be more advanced the longer they take. In some cases the world of camera manufacturers have not been standing still.  And I expect the frustration with A mount is as much that those big thing promises were made and where are they?  So it's not just coming out with another mildly changed A mount camera now that's needed.

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