Our (photographers) taste in photos vs the general public

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Re: Our (photographers) taste in photos vs the general public

Howdy Florida,

First of all, it's been a pleasure to watch your progress.  You are one of those rare breeds that when you ask for an honest critique, you really mean it, and will generally take all the feedback and filter it to find the meaningful bits that can be useful in helping you take better photographs.

I liked your observations about people pictures, and the wedding photos you shot in particular.  It's so true that capturing the magic moment is MUCH more important, even if it's not technically perfect.  Many folks miss that.

Of course you're going to find folks here on the forum more critical, because we are enthusiasts who have made a point of exposing ourselves to a variety of the best photographs.  I grew up reading National Geographic and Life magazines, and those wonderful photos have forever influenced both my taste and style in photography.

As to the 3 photos you posted:

1.  To busy, not enough depth.  It's not a bad photo, but remember, we are using a 2 dimensional medium to try and convey a 3 dimensional world.  One of the main ways we do that is with light and shadow.  That same photo taken later in the day might have provided more of the depth clues we need to separate the foreground from the background.

And, there is just to much going on.  Isolate.  Focus on one tree branch, etc.  There isn't any one thing for the eye to fix on, so it keeps wandering around the frame trying to figure out what to look at.

2.  I like that you've elongated this.  My biggest problem with this one is that you seem to have focused on the foreground, when the treeline in the distance where the sun is setting seems to be the subject.

3.  To busy and the lighting is to flat.  All those bare trees do nothing for the image.  The subject is the barn and the snow.  Sometimes you can't change your vantage point, or do anything about the lighting, and that's when you do the best you can.  Again, it's not a "bad" photo, just nothing special.

Try this, go to Google.  Find the "Images" button, usually at the top right of the screen.  Push that and then type in "barns in snow".  It's interesting.

In any case, just my 2 cents worth.  Keep at it.  You've grown by leaps and bounds in the last few months.

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