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We are talking about a cam we have previews on and some shots...And that is putting pressure on Sony? How is EM1 not pressure, how is the new GH4 especially no pressure. GX7? GM1....all real cams ranging in sizes and specs.

...these are all tiny sensored cams - no competition at all, hence no pressure either . You seem to be heavily invested in m4/3 gear, so what happens with APS-C and larger sensored cams poses no threat to you obviously, nor to Nikon's N1/N2, nor to P&S or compacts


Yes, you are right!

Tiny sensored good unless of course, they are Sony? I don't think so! The 1" and even the 2/3" sensors sure have their place. And they are not tiny at all. Midway between most P & S sensors and M43 sensors.

Well I bought the m43 camera's because I wanted a tiny sensor. I heard quite a few people talking about how tiny they are. If lots of people talk about things, it must be good! So I remembered it and went to the shop: "Give me a cam with a tiny sensor!!!" And sure enough, the salesman went straight for the GH3. The rest is history.

Besides my NEXes, I own several M43 cameras, all 12 mp models.
 I like them too, for different reasons. Mostly the small size and especially the small lenses. Good light cameras, not for shootoing indoors with no flash like NEX. FAST AF.  Sometimes I want no subject isolation and they're good for that.

Compared to the sensor in an X10, or RX100, or Nikon 1, the M43 sensors are much bigger. And those are excellent cameras too, in their own way.

My favorite M43 is the tiny all-metal Olympus E-PM1 with either of the 14/2.5 or 20/1.7 Panasonic pancake lenses.

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