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Re: re: a lot of pressure on Sony now ... part-II

parallaxproblem wrote:

parallaxproblem wrote:

jpr2 wrote: the part-I run into a wall of 150 posts per thread limit, due in not small degree to a myriad of one-liner posts by few users well known for such a tactic - who always try to derail threads they don't agree with, here is the part-II.

Yes, there are very clear attempts to derail and fill up threads which are considered 'dangerous' by a small number of people posting here

Compare with this following thread which is basically a 'love-in' for the faux-DSLR which *may* be the new Sony design standard and which a number of us dislike:

There was not a single negative or disruptive posting... not one. These guys were left in peace to discuss what they liked

Compare and contrast with the behaviour of many of the same individuals in these other threads against something they disagreed with and wanted to 'go away':

Draw your own conclusions concerning the motivations behind such behaviour...

Oh dear, it's happened again... a small number of these guys have turned this thread into a complete car wreck

Yes they are aren't they? They are answering to their own posts, very unintersting.

Their threads get left alone, but they come on 'wrecking missions' to anything they disagree with. No attempt at discussion or debate, just pure destruction

Yes how can we discus and debate when there are people with a different oppinion?  A good debat is when people answer to their own posts and when people are telling all the same story. That is a good debate isn't it?

Awful behaviour...

Yes everybody should think the same way as you do that ewould make a nioce and good world!

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DUMP the HUMP! Campaign for *REAL* NEX replacement bodies

This thing is very egocentric, you don't like the hump so Sony must dump it, people who like it ar disagreeing with yopu so they are showing some awful behaviour....

* newly updated ignore list: hostile responses are probably not visible to me

That may not be so wise: Know your enemy! Be prepared!

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