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Re: Greg: lot of sense in your reasoning - and the Fuji lens lineup plans...

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Tom Caldwell wrote:

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Long high quality prime lenses must cost a lot to develop and build and would be made in relatively small numbers for a quite specialist market. Obviously this makes them expensive and exclusive. The older established makers have built up their system lenses over a long period of time and include examples or rarer, more expensive types. I cannot see any commercial merit for a company with a brand new mount system in concentrating on other than the more popular lens types for some time. Therefore Fuji might be short on the "rare" types of lenses for a good while to come.

By the same token the popular lens types are "more popular" for many by definition so why should many care?

Because one day one might need a long lens... and then, if there isn't one possible, one is in a bit of an impass!

I do agree that when you want or need a FL lens and you don't have it it is very bad. On the otherhand with all the mirrorless cameras you can adapt a lot of lenses and so use every FL you need or want...

Happened to me a while back (totally unexpected), and now I'm having lots of fun with long lenses

I know, but I find one problem with long lenses, I come allways 100mm short...

The LA-EAx adaptors are no substitute for an A-mount camera, but they do give AF and Aperture connectivity to A-mount lenses in such 'extremis'. It is a weakness of the Fuji system that there is no equivalent access to a more complete lens system

I find this the bigest problem with all mirrorless systems, their lens line is not that of most DSLRs, but I notice that all systems, but Canon and Pentax are getting there quickly.

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