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Re: Greg: lot of sense in your reasoning - and the Fuji lens lineup plans...

jpr2 wrote:

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

Nex 6 AF is on par with Fuji XE1 after firmware upgrades. Not sure about XE2- that is probably faster and snappier. But still not good for moving objects. XT1 holds a lo of promise here and seems to be the first APS mirrorless to be able to provide tracking AF that works - to be seen for sure once its out there.

I have an XE1, had a Fuji X100s but now my prime camera is an A7r. I still have the XE1. I really haven't used it since I got the A7r. That tells a story.

There are long threads about how Fuji APS is as good as full frame and perhaps there is some truth to that but full frame is hard to beat. Mainly from a field of view aspect. Full frame simply gives a wider field of view. That is hard to give up once you are used to it. DOF comes into it as well and I saw an excellent comparison of 5D111 and XE2 with various lenses on the Fuji forum. Blurred backgrounds seemed much easier to get on the 5D3.

Fuji has a powerful lens lineup which is just getting stronger.

But Sony has these amazing Zeiss FE lenses which are proving to be the best around.

I for one am completely happy with my A7r. The only thing that would have me upgrade from it would be a A8r with 54mp full frame, excellent low light high ISO, fast tracking AF, better EVF.

But that's probably next year!

If Nex 7 replacement could get IBIS it would be an amazing move by Sony.

Fuji's 16mp sensor ceiling seems to be more about maturing the camera body whilst working behind the scenes to perfect its organic sensor which could really make it the hot camera to have. That is likely in an XPro 2 later this year/early next year.

Would I replace my A7r with XT1? Hell no. I expect much the same IQ as my XE1 but better camera body performance all round.

Am I planning to get an XT1 to complement my A7r?

Well yes of course! They are the best of both brands.


...are bit on a shortish side too - not a single prime beyond a normal FLs range:

Fujinon XF roadmap till the 2015

And yet I rather doubt that the A7r mk-II will achieve AF'ing speed we can observe in the 5d3 or 1Dx, or even a speed of the 5d2 (which is rather sedate at best) seems beyond reach of S's MILCs


Long high quality prime lenses must cost a lot to develop and build and would be made in relatively small numbers for a quite specialist market.  Obviously this makes them expensive and exclusive.  The older established makers have built up their system lenses over a long period of time and include examples or rarer, more expensive types.  I cannot see any commercial merit for a company with a brand new mount system in concentrating on other than the more popular lens types for some time.  Therefore Fuji might be short on the "rare" types of lenses for a good while to come.

By the same token the popular lens types are "more popular" for many by definition so why should many care?

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