Contemplation on a Crystal Afternoon - SX50 with plenty of sunshine

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Contemplation on a Crystal Afternoon - SX50 with plenty of sunshine

Two weeks ago, when the forecast sunshine never showed up to burn away the fog, I created images that were a "Contemplation on a Moody Afternoon." If you haven't seen the resulting thread, a link will be at the bottom of this post. Yesterday, although the temperature never rose as expected, the forecast of bright sun did indeed create great expanses of chilly but beautiful crystal clear skies. So it was one more time back down to the Point out in the river in search of Bald Eagles fishing from the ice floes. A week ago I posted another thread showing how the below zero °F temperatures had frozen the river from shore to shore (link is also below), so I also wanted to check how much was now flowing. It turned out not very much other than through the shipping channel opened along the far shore. But the ice in the strong sun was a welcome subject, especially since it extended out a ¼ to ½ mile or more in all directions from the Point. Only beyond that was where the eagles were. So here is a contemplation on a crystal afternoon, in the same area that just two weeks ago was so moody:

To start, here is a panorama of the frozen Hudson River from the Tappan Zee on the left, then 180° north to the Lower Hudson Highlands on the right. 18 images were stitched together for this display that would be over eight feet long in the full resolution original. (This is a lower res JPEG)

Starting our trek at the North Bay, the ice floes were still piled up like two weeks ago, but this time the bright skies and beautiful light were the main attraction.

Swinging south to the river, the ice floes continued to pile up and extended further and further into the river. The ice itself extended for over a mile until it reached the open channel, not visible by the far shore in this image.

The constant creaking of the ice, sometimes sounding like distant thunder, other times like small explosions that could make you jump, created wonderful compositions for the camera to search out and capture.

Heading further south for the trip out to the Point, the floes looked almost like frozen beach. And the river ice was beginning to thin enough for the water underneath to reflect the brilliant blue sky as it flowed towards the Tappan Zee.

Before entering the woods on the way to the Point, I had to stop for a visit with my two favorite trees, in a much brighter mood than in the follow-up thread to the Moody Afternoon.

Re-capturing the image of the rising fog on the edge of the woods from the Moody Afternoon in the bright sun did not capture my imagination. But looking down at the ice from the same position certainly did present a new possibility.

Once at the Point, I was a little disappointed that the ice floes had caused enough erosion that climbing down to get the same view as two weeks ago was not advisable. This higher view does however show some of the construction in the distance of the new 3 mile long Tappan Zee Bridge.

And finally, here is one of my favorite images of the day, the discovery of "Diamonds in the Hudson." Plus . . .

. . . I did come out to see the Bald Eagles fishing. Unfortunately this mother was over a ¼ mile away on an ice floe and her two juveniles were even 500-600 feet further out. So this image is taken at full zoom plus the 2.0 TC. It is then a ¼ crop resulting in an effective angle of view of ½° or 5,000 mm focal length. Although IQ is a bit wanting, the SX50 did get a reasonable image.

I hope you enjoyed our crystal afternoon this time. As always your comments are welcome. Links to the prior threads can be found here:

Contemplating a Moody Afternoon

Moody Afternoon follow-up

The Frozen River

Thanks for looking,


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