Why I returned the DF

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I thought you bought it grey market?

So why did it cost you £2749...

and why do you always post the same pictures?

ianbrown wrote:

I have had many cameras and love buying and testing them etc.

I thought the DF ticked most of the boxes for me as I liked the fact it had a high ISO performance which helps me with some of my photography (see images below).

However after using it for a few days I found a few issues (for me)

I am a "zoom" guy really and in the past I have always used 2.8 zooms, I just like the ability to frame a shot by zooming in etc.

I put the 24-70 f2.8 on it and it changed the feel of the camera completely, thats probably my fault for not identifying this first.

The new lenses dont look as good as the older type on the retro body and the 28mm F1.8 and 16-35 f4 look a bit odd, buy hey its only my opinion.

I tried to use a couple of primes but to be fare a few days is not long enough to make the adjustment, after years of using zooms.

For me the DF is really at its best with prime lenses, if you start to put zooms or heavier lenses on, it starts to become unbalanced and really the D610/D800 may then be a better option, at least you can put a battery grip to get better handling of the bigger lenses.

Also I found the ISO dial and exposure dial a real issue to change while holding the camera at your eye.

I guess if I am really honest I had "buyer remorse", now before anyone say it, I know I have had many cameras and sold them. However in my opinion, the DF is an excellent camera and will suit a limited amount of people, I loved looking at the camera and felt proud to have a camera that had that feel of individuality. Never the less at £2749 its a lot of cash and the top plate of dials and sensor is what you are paying for.

There is no doubt about it, this is a nice well built camera and if you are a prime lens user who needs high ISO performance, this could be a good option.

Anyone thinking about this camera, I suggest you either buy on sale or return or rent one before splashing the cash!

I am disappointed at having to return the DF but for £1400 less you can get the D610 and that allows some cash for a decent lens!

Some of the shots below in low light are the type of images I normally take and had hoped the DF would have enhanced my photography.

Its a really nice camera, but make sure it absolutely matches your needs v the cost.

I hope this helps others looking at the DF

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