re: a lot of pressure on Sony now ... part-II

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Gil: most beautiful light - really great :)

gil wrote:

. I guess these are not really that embarrassing even if taken just by the NEX F3 :-D. I am sure the Fuji could take as well similar panning shots but I am not sure if the new Fuji model is superior (to one who is willing to practice/experiment, have fun and exploit the available capability even if not the best). Cameras/lenses/gear capabilities are just some of the factors for enjoyable photography. Even the best gears when not utilized properly won't really matter to the enjoyment unless one just enjoys armchair or virtual photography.



However, as an example of N3's AF prowess these do not suffice: as plane of motion was very much parallel to that you the sensor = challenging the photographer's patience for sure in a wait till it all happened - this is certain, but not a very challenging for tracking etc Excellent job nonetheless !!


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