Another Olympus E-M1 and SONY a7 walkabout test, high ISO

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Re: Really?

Sergey_Green wrote:

texinwien wrote:

LOL. Sergey's wrong again. Seems to be making a habit of that, lately.

Wrong how exactly?

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- sergey

This thread is getting full quickly.

Daniel (the OP) merely posted images side by side which showed a difference. Even after his retake there is still a difference. A bigger difference than the (suggested interpretation) of the DxO graphs should suggest.

But heck, even DxO themselves rates a bigger difference between these cameras/sensors than these graphs suggest.

I am with Sergey - all these comparison discussios always center around one graph in DxO that nobody seems to be able to translate into real pictures.

Fact is that not all images use the full DR, and that, especially under low light, differences become less significant. But Sergey hit the nail on the head: if the OP exposed properly for highlights (protection), the shadows in the Oly would become a lot nosier.

The examples that are typically used in defense of the (graph) analysis do not have highlights (for they would be clipped, as in the OP's example).

Both cameras take fine pictures, but I would not declare one better than the other. However, in high-ISO (low light), I would take the larger sensor camera.

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