[Questions] GM1: Build quality, Importing, Body or Kit?

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Re: [Questions] GM1: Build quality, Importing, Body or Kit?

Nippero wrote:

Hi there,

So after my last thread, asking for advice on ultra compacts to go with my 5D, I'm pretty set on spending more for the GM1 rather than getting the GX1 or E-PM series.

However, I do have a few questions.

  1. I know the build quality is really good, but I'm curious about the material that the camera is wrapped in. Does it wrap all the way around from the front to the back? I cant tell from pictures whether or not the back of the camera has that same faux leather look/feel.

Faux leather feels very nice ... grippy but not quite sticky. It stops at the seam on the sides, but there is a nice patch right under your thumb to operate as a grip. I just got mine today and wow ... I also have the Franiec grip shipping today.

  1. What do I lose by importing the GM1 from Asia? I'm tempted to get the white model, but the prices for GM1s from Asia seem to be around $50 cheaper over all anyway. Do I lose warranty? Are the menus permanently in a foreign language?

Risky. You lose the warranty. If you want to save a few bucks, try BJPhoto in Waterloo Ontario ... I got mine for 739cad, which is under 700usd and it came with a full version of LR5, which I will flog on eBay to further reduce the cost. All in all, more than $100usd cheaper that way ... lowest price I have seen in the world right now.

I bought yesterday at 11am and it arrived to my door at 12:30pm today. Crossing the border would no doubt cost more and take longer, but ... may still be well worthwhile.

But US residents lose the America warranty, have to get serviced in Canada.

  1. At first I was set on just finding and buying a Body to use with my 20/1.7 but now I've become curious about the kit lens. I'm used to limiting myself to below ISO 1600 due to my current cameras (5Dc and G1) so I always needed the faster f/1.7 aperture. But will I really miss it now if I go for the GM1 + Kit lens? This is assuming I don't care about shallow depth of field.

I wandered about today shooting indoors at 12800 (the limit I set on auto) and was blown away ... almost as clean as my GX1 was at 3200 ... I'm a believer ...

  1. (Opinions) Which color do you guys like the most and why? I'm currently leaning towards Silver/Black since it seems to go well with lenses of any color without looking too plain. I like the orange but it seems too bright in some pictures + I feel like the back of the camera in all orange looks really bad.

I bought the black kit ... looks excellent.

Second from the right ...

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