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Re: D3 dilemma Similar situation... D3x

joeybob wrote:

Maybe I'm crazy but if I can find a D3x for close to the price of a D800 I'm tempted to go that route. Yes, I've heard many folks say that the D3x is a "dead camera" in light of the D800 and that it's slow and that files aren't useable above ISO 1600/800/400 - etc. I'd be using if for studio portraits and formals shots with strobes @ low ISO's.

Any input appreciated. Thanks

The D3x has the best colors (and skin tones) that I've seen in any Nikon DSLR to date, including the D800.  It is a great camera for portrait work.  I used mine exclusively for that.

It is good up to ISO 800, and then it isn't good at all.  But at ISO 100-200 it is wonderful.  The finder is just what you need, and much better than the D800 finder.

24MP is a sweet spot for portrait work.  You can get very good texture on the hair and skin, texture that is preserved in appearance even after downsampling.  Fewer pixels would be too few.

Far from a dead camera in my view.  I wish sometimes that I hadn't sold mine.  If you find a creampuff at a good price, I think it's a solid camera for just the work you're talking about.

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