[Questions] GM1: Build quality, Importing, Body or Kit?

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Re: [Questions] GM1: Build quality, Importing, Body or Kit?

Nippero wrote:

Question about the PALS and NTSC though. Does it really matter?
I dont even have an optical drive installed on my desktop anymore, so I'd never even play recorded video through a DVD player.
And I dont think any of my computers or media servers care about region locking... Not positive though.

I'm pretty sure you are correct. Video files like .MP4 or .MOV have no region code. NTSC or Pal only matter if you want to plug it into you TV.

DO buy the kit lens. You'll only save about $200 on the body and the lens, when available, is going to sell for $350. You can always sell it if you don't like it. It's only one of two Panasonic normal zooms that goes to 12mm, and the other one is $950 and big. The 12-32 is TINY. It also has OIS which is good for a stop or two and gets you close to the unstabilized 1.7 when you're at 12mm. It's a perfect fit for the GM1.


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