[Questions] GM1: Build quality, Importing, Body or Kit?

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Re: [Questions] GM1: Build quality, Importing, Body or Kit?

Ulric wrote:

Nippero wrote:

  1. At first I was set on just finding and buying a Body to use with my 20/1.7 but now I've become curious about the kit lens. I'm used to limiting myself to below ISO 1600 due to my current cameras (5Dc and G1) so I always needed the faster f/1.7 aperture. But will I really miss it now if I go for the GM1 + Kit lens? This is assuming I don't care about shallow depth of field.

The camera is usable well above 1600, but then it is usable well above 1600 with the 20/1.7 too, so that relationship doesn't change. The kit zoom is pretty nice but slow like any kit zoom.

I don't think the camera is available body-only yet.

Very true, of course. My point though, was that I'm used to only being able to take images with f/1.7 and ISO 1600 or below. So moving to the kit lens  and ISO 1600+ might not feel like a noticable downgrade. Although knowing me I'll probably end up wanting to push the GM1 to its limits with the 20/1.7

Now I'm just making myself more conflicted about whether or not to get the kit or just the body. Its not sold officially as Body Only but there are some listings on forums, ebay and amazon that ask for about $550 to $600 for body only.

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