Em-1 Noise in Low ISO, Low light shots.

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Re: Yeah I think these shutter shock fanatics

SaltLakeGuy wrote:

need to get their eyes fixed. I'm so dang sick and tired of hearing the excuses for their inabilities to stabilize their cameras and lenses.

I infact have the BEST example of NO shutter shock. People seem to be looking at my photo and seeing some "ghosting" on the top of the bridge and yelling "Shutter shock".

Wanna know the truth :-D.

What you see are actually thin guide lines on top of the bridge. They run the length of the Bridge and are hard to make out even when you are close to the bridge. So unless EM-1 has a selective "Only bridge and not Buildings" type of Shutter shock. I think My photo is an example of the detail you can get from the EM-1 sans the AA filter and should lay to read any Shutter shock fears.

Im attaching My photo at 100% crop and a stock photo of what you see. I seriously cannot believe my little EM-1 resolved those things!!! Im still in awe.

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