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a lot of pressure on Sony now ... and Sony responds

There is always a lot of pressure on Sony to come up with novel or improved photographic products as they are not one of the top two market leaders.

But in the last several months, Sony has been working very hard and responding to the pressure. Quite a few quality primes and zooms have been released. And the A7, A7r and RX-10 define new classes of camera.

I was impressed when A7 featured a distance scale for manual focus for the first time on a Sony E-mount camera. This was something I had written about a few times in this forum and criticized Sony for its lack of attention to photographers' needs.

With Zeiss lenses defining the IQ standards for FF and APS-C, and bodies that are just getting better, Sony just needs to maintain some consistency and improve the usability of the cameras while filling the gaps in the lens lineup.

When I lifted a Nikon D4 the other day, I compared the unpleasant experience to the time when I first picked up a Nikon F3 and enjoyed using it. I now enjoy using my NEX-5r the same way as the F3 and the later Contax film cameras that I still use.

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