Another Olympus E-M1 and SONY a7 walkabout test, high ISO

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HELLO!! You are not reading!

Sergey_Green wrote:

Lab D wrote:

You didn't read. These were with "Print" selected.

Is what it should be if you compare to the same result. Image with more pixels does not have to have the same noise granularity at 100% to be equal.

Even when you switch to "screen" which used the full resolution it does NOT change by 1.5 stops like you keep saying. Insead it give the E-M1 about 1/2 stop advantage.

No, it does not.

HELLO!!!!! I even posted the actual DxO graph!  As you can see if we switch to "SCREEN" it moves the E-M1 line up almost equal with the A7.  The other chart had the images normalized and so the E-M1 was about 1/2 stop lower.  Your 1 and 1/5 stop claims make zero sense here.

Here is normaized and "Print" is slected:

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