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Re: re: a lot of pressure on Sony now ... part-II

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

miro3 wrote:

Chris 1 wrote:

The pressure is not on Sony, the pressure is on Nikon and Canon. nikon and canon must respond to this threat from olympus, sony and fuji.

We don't care about Nikon and Canon in this forum.

But we care about Fuji.

Only because it has a very fast AF, fast shutter response,

the best EVF in a mirrorless, and is a direct competitor with the NEX-7 successor.

And so hopefully will put pressure on Sony to improve the A7r as well.

So, let us be consistent.

Remember, a7/7r are not 1", m43 or even APSc sensor cameras.

I gave points to Fuji on the EVF, probably the most significant piece in the package. The AF and shutter lag performance remains a question mark. Improvement? Sure. But remember, the numbers being quoted are better than those for likes of Canon 1Dx. That is yet to be proven.

And no, the 8 fps shot of relatively slow movement only hints at good tracking and AF speed, not of the incredible numbers being marketed. Some of the fastest shutter response cameras:
Canon 5D III: 0.061 (measured)
Sony a77: 0.053 (measured)
Nikon D4: 0.043 (measured)
Canon 1Dx: 0.039 (measured)
Sony NEX-7: 0.022 (measured)

Fuji's claim with X-T1: 0.005s (hint: 8x faster than D4/1Dx)? Likewise, where does 0.008s AF lag come from? That would be mind boggingly faster than any camera out there.

With that kind of claimed performance, either something is amiss/misquoted or The Fuji would be outperforming pro DSLRs. I find the former to be more credible.

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