Another Olympus E-M1 and SONY a7 walkabout test, high ISO

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Anders W wrote:

Henry showing the difference between sensors

Lol, instead of 2x I will use 1.5x for A7 and 1.8x for A7r. So, at equivalency, the M1 will be slightly better?

Sorry but apparently you still didn't get it. As you can see from the diagram above, the E-M1 is about 1.5 EV ahead for equivalent images and about 0.5 EV behind for non-equivalent ones (same exposure, different DoF).

It is about 1.5 stops behind when you take pixel count into consideration,

The chart already takes pixel count into consideration.  If you don't on the DxO site the E-M1 line moves up even with the 2 A7 cameras.   Go to DxO and read about the difference between "screen" and "print" when viewing their graphs.

and is another 1.5 stop behind in headroom (highlights).

Now you are just making stuff up.  I trust DxO over you.

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