SD15 - the most "obsolete proof" digital camera ?

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Re: SD15 - the most "obsolete proof" digital camera ?


Jay Ell wrote:

The pictures you showed as "evidece" are tiny images taken in good light and a decent cell phone of today would equal them in quality.

SD15 has well over 100 electron read noise per pixel. SD1 has about 25 electron read noise per pixel and these were half a year apart. The latter also has much higher resolution and a larger sensor with more light collecting ability.

The competition at 2010 had about 3-4 electron read noise per pixel, much superior colour accuracy, far less noise from colour processing, far superior camera body, including AF, lens compability and so on.

Regarding the topic, these are electronic devices and they will lose most of their value in time - even Leica digital cameras lose their value, albeit slower than others due to brand value. Sigma has no such bonus, instead the brand is often considered as a budged-brand with low quality due to the history of Sigma - today they're lenses are often first rate, but it was a long road and getting rid of the low-end-product brand reconition will take time.

Better invest in something sane like oil or water and treat cameras as tools.

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prove it - talk is cheap.

I've measured the read noise, you can do it too. There are documents in the net where the old Sigmas have been measured. Eric Fossums document on colour separation using slicon either with colour filters or without (x3) proves wihout any doubt that the colours are a big issue. And the resolution is very low.

lets do a "shoot out"

No thanks. I have nothing to prove and better things to do than try to make a shoot out with controlled parameters - the same light, subject, expsure and so on, with sevaral different sets of images. Simply not worth it as we both know this would not convince you of anything

you post your best photo with your Nikon D7000 - I will post my best Sigma Foveon SD15.

I don't have that camera.

let everyone else decide

In Sigma forum? LOL.

deal ?


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