Sony RX10 - Good Enough to shoot my first short documentary?

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Re: get AX100 or CX900 instead

Jogger wrote:

hionhifi wrote:

Jogger wrote:

Sony also has the $2000 AX100 and $1500 CX900.. they are camcorders using the same 1 inch type sensor, but, but designed for video, include greater than 30min recording.They have the uilt in ND filter as well.

The AX shoots at 4k as well and for 1080p uses a 50mbps 422 XAVCs codec, that is far better than the consumer oriented RX10 at 28mbps AVCHD.

The CX is the same camcorder but shoots at 1080p (not sure if it has XAVCs).

If you go with the RX10, make sure to some extra batteries... it consumers a lot of power in video mode.

I've looked into doing getting a camcorder, but quickly dropped the idea because my dslr has to be my all around media making device for family pictures, friends, sporting events, vacations, family event and all the photos and video's I take in life.

In that case, the RX10 sounds like it is a great fit.

I agree. I'm just questioning whether or not the RX10 has the hardware to do the job sufficiently. A few of the biggest questions I have are how will it handle low light and is it versatile enough? I've shot some video footage with the RX10 but not enough in low light to rate the quality, however I've alot of photos and I think it's fair to say that to get reasonably clean footage, I'd want to keep ISO below 400, maybe 800 but that may be pushing it.

I had an A7 when it first came out. It was ok, but the lack of third party support ie, tethering apps, wireless control devices, flash support, shutter release devices, intravelometers, etc turned me off and I returned it. In the past the Canon 5DmkIII was on my radar, and I'd commited to buying one, but when the Sony's were announced I heald off in favor of the A7. I returned the A7 and in the interim I picked up an RX10. The RX10 is loads of fun and handles well and the image quality is arguably every bit as good as the A7 up to ISO 400 (without pixel pepping).

I think the 5DmkIII is the best all around tool for my varied needs, but the RX10 still is a special little guy which is why I'm on the fence it and thinking about keeping it for the documentary.

I messed around with large sensor video for a while and have settled on the 1 inch form factor as being the best compromise in terms of ease of use and video quality. The only real benefit of the large sensor formats is to use your existing lenses and shallow dof.. in all other instances, there is no benefit. At smaller apertures, its hard to beat the RX10 for video, esp. when you consider the awesome lens on it.

The Canon 5DmkIII seems to be the defacto dslr high water mark. Magic Lantern has given it capabilities only much more expensive camera support. They may be helpful in my process. Albeit with a much, much bigger and more expensive kit all around. Decisions. I enjoy the simpliciy, image quality, and size of the RX10. I also appreciate the fabulous tool that the 5dmkIII is though.

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