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Re: That is embarrassing for Sony

DT200 wrote:

miro3 wrote:

DT200 wrote:

First, the focusing works on that camera.

Which camera?

The new Fuji. In the examples you can see how well it does with moving objects. AND it has great lenses with wide apertures to isolate the subject!


Even if Sony made a camera that could focus, it doesn't have the long lenses.

They should make them.

While Sony's latest offer only 2 frames per second while focusing, this camera does 8. Not only that but the focusing WORKS on something moving!

Even worse there are examples with the XF56mmF1.2 R lens wide open. The longest APS prime is an average 50mm F/1.8 that can't get anywhere near the shallow DoF as the Fuji, and that lens takes FOREVER to acquire focus.

Mirrorless cameras are considered 2nd tier when it comes to focusing and Sony has just moved in to 4th place in that 2nd tier. Make that 5th place, I forgot Nikon.

When does the Fuji go on sale again?

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