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Dee50 wrote:

Hi all

Am thinking of buying a used D3(been offered one in great condition with around 10k on the clock at a tempting price) but would appreciate some feedback and insight before pulling the trigger.

I currently use a D300 with grip (which has given me some wonderful photos in good light) but am looking for something with better low light capability up to around 6400 and better af acquisition and accuracy. D300, although great, not cutting it in the high iso department. This D3 could fit the bill as I have also been thinking of moving to FX for some time now.

Have also considered a D610 but might get frustrated with its auto focus capabilities if it can't keep up with the action. I know its image quality is excellent though and 24mp could be useful from time to time (especially for landscapes).

As regards image quality, is the D3 that much better than the D300? And if printing A4/A3 sizes, would I see noticeable IQ differences between the D3 and D610?

What I'm trying to balance here is my need for speed, low light capability, great af and excellent IQ without breaking the bank.

Any constructive feedback and insight much appreciated.

I'm considering changing my lineup around...

I became the owner of a D3s about a year ago and that was an upgrade / addition to my lineup of D300 bodies that I have been using for portraits and weddings.

Having shot with the D3s for a year now I am sold. I don't mind using the d300 with grip however I would rather shoot with the D3s every time. I'm also in appreciation of the Files from the D3s. I shoot portraits and weddings primarily.

I'd like to switch over to a Full Frame kit entirely but am at a crossroads as what to do...

I want to get a D3x and here are some reasons why.

Same batteries as D3s, same ergonomics (that I have grown to love), resolution increase, file size not excessive (in contrast to D800), prices on used D3x getting affordable, similar focus/controls and I love the feel of the D3s in my hands.

I'd like to buy soon as wedding season is about to crank up and I feel that if I'm going to sell off my DX equipment that time is against me as far as getting the most $ from what I have.

I've considered both the D800 as well as the D3x. I'm not crazy about having a kit of a D3s with either of the aforementioned cameras. I'm not crazy about the feel of the add on grips, would like to have a common battery, and I'm not crazy about the file size of the D800 and the requirements/considerations in regard to that (computer/storage/etc).

Maybe I'm crazy but if I can find a D3x for close to the price of a D800 I'm tempted to go that route. Yes, I've heard many folks say that the D3x is a "dead camera" in light of the D800 and that it's slow and that files aren't useable above ISO 1600/800/400 - etc. I'd be using if for studio portraits and formals shots with strobes @ low ISO's.

Any input appreciated. Thanks

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