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Re: re: a lot of pressure on Sony now ... part-II

quezra wrote:

socode wrote:

parallaxproblem wrote:

I've already told you that you aren't in the list of 'perpetrators' of this kind of thing (just the fact that I can read and reply to your messages should indicate this)

Do you use 'lawyers tricks' and 'debating tactics' (circular arguments, strawmen and other logical fallacies etc) to lay traps or discredit the other person? No

Physician heal thyself. All anyone can judge is whether or not you seem interested at all in taking on board other views.

It's a debating tactic to accuse people of using debating tactics when you don't want to respond, and I've seen you do that.

This very thread kicks off with personal attacks in the OP. These hypocrites can accuse people of being shills in one post and in the next accuse those 'shills' of using 'debating tactics' etc. Are you really surprised it turns out thus?

How many personal attacks have I undergone from just this one perp just in the last 2 days? Sure, I'll put him on my Ignore list and report him, and they keep on sending more and more perps like this. They simply derail the discussion process, which must be their purpose.

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