Faked DSLR - A new trend for the mirrorless.

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Vertical grips and other reasons

I can't imagine using a vertical grip on a camera with an upper-left-corner VF. You'd end up holding the entire camera up above and to the side of your eye.

I have to think that a centered VF makes the camera easier to handle when cradling a larger lens with your left hand.

Those are practical considerations that jump out at me. Then you've got marketing - people buy DSLRs; not that many have bought RF-styled CSCs, so there's no reason to believe the RF style would be a big seller.

Basically, I think the RF styled body is well suited to use to compact lenses (and no grip) while the DSLR styled body is more versatile. I know lots of people seem to think that unless cameras lose every attribute of film cameras, we're all stuck in the past, but maybe there's some inherent goodness in a viewfinder that lines up with the lens.

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