Do I have potential?

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Re: Do I have potential?

brick33308 wrote:

jtan163 wrote:

PS is far more daunting and much slower - though heaps more powerful and flexible to the point I think most people probably only use a tiny percentage of the available tools.

Why do you say that PS is "much slower"? I'm an experience PS user, have been for many years through all its incarnations, and don't find that to be the case.

I also suspect but can't prove that the "daunting" aspect of PS to which you refer is largely an urban myth assumed to be the case only by people who haven't really attempted to use it.

Photoshop is not photography, or any other program *after the fact*-

Yes you can do it ,it's cooking,  but it comes too late, the instant went away. Leave it to cooks, who can't shoot


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