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Re: Danny: yes, some pretty revolutionary design tricks

sean lancaster wrote:

captura wrote:

I am hoping that fast AF will finally arrive with the NEX-7 replacement camera. But please make it the small brick shape!

The successor to the NEX 7 is coming out shortly after the release of the A7/R. The A7/R is a feature camera for Sony as the first of its kind, and they didn't show much on AF over previous Sony mirrorless cameras. I've not seen a significant improvement in mirrorless AF technology from Sony since my 2011 NEX 5N (particularly as an available light shooter). I think there's little doubt the successor to the NEX 7/6 will not show any improvement whatsoever in this regard or Sony would have surely added it to the A7/R.

My comparison cameras: NEX 5N, RX1, Nikon D600, Canon 6D, A7R. The Nikon and Canon cameras are too bulky for me, but I kept the 6D only because the improvement in AF is that much better than the NEX 5N, RX1, and A7R, particularly in lower light. So even if the A7 or NEX 6 show improvement, it's so incremental that it doesn't even come close to comparing to my 6D in available light, for example. And again, I hate the bulk and I am just begging for Sony to improve AF speed so I can switch back full time.

I have a dilemma, your post helps a little, but we still have to wait to see whats to come.
I have Rx1r for low light/night/compact size....Nex 5 for underwater case, rx100 for when u cant bring camera, sold NEX6 for its successor sold D7000 for ???

I have the Touit that I really want to use so am possibly holding out for 7n to be able to use it...but probably own't do both that and Canon 70d or 6d... Id even look into the A77 successor which is a little more down the road.

I'm looking for more AF speed like the Canon but if Sony can pull it together with the 7n I may stick with it....

Id really like the Canon grip..A7 shutter is a little cramped feeling, and Nikon just doesn't have that comfort feeling, I have to grip it entirely different...not like holding a pistol like the Canon feels.

I'm all over the place with options...

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