Some Lumix GM1 impressions from SF FireSideCamera/Panasonic event

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GM1 a 4th time...

Update: since my first post I have been able to try a production GM1 three times but never overnight doing what I would like to do with it. A friend kindly loaned me one overnight and I wanted to ad a few impressions. I was walking around with the kit lens and shooting at night.

First, the image quality was a bit better than expected. I could see myself actually shooting some black and whites in some situations all the way up to ISO 25600. The sensor does not seem to band in an obvious way like the previous older Panasonic sensors thought I did see some but it was at the highest ISO and pushing it- so I consider that pretty tough.

The kit lens had like three speeds for AF at night- if you focus on a spot with enough light- hyper fast as it was in daylight. If the light crosses a certain threshold it will start hunting like a typical contrast AF (not slow but not fast). And after one more threshold point, it will be very slow to focus though often it could lock the focus, just slowly.

The "Canon Powershot wheel of death" interface didn't make me hit white balance this time in daylight a lot but at night due to the cold on camera and hands it seems I started to hit it more again. And in walking there and here... I just...

GRR. hated this thing. Again.

Horrible ergonomics, horrible usability. It's too bad because the technology and potential of the whole tech set is pretty good. But I just couldn't stand using it. It felt crampy in a way that the extra grip won't solve, that wheel was giving me issues again, and I just felt like holding a cold piece of metal at night that I had to fight a bit to get things done.

I was considering it again, but it's a no go for me. Those who never found issue here, enjoy. At this point I think the GX7 would be the better match for me for sure.

My hope is Panasonic looks long and hard to their LX3/LX5/LX7 line and makes a either an LX m4/3rds sensored camera or a GM2 that is more like those.

The main reason I am looking at these cameras is not only because they are small, but because of the electronic shutter silent option. IF the Olympus EM10 had such option, I would probably go there.

For now it seems I stick to the Q, a Ricoh GR(new, but I am not really a wide angle guy), and the Fuji. Wish Fuji had that e-shutter option and I would call this also done.

Thinking further about that GX7...

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