SD15 - the most "obsolete proof" digital camera ?

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Re: SD15 - the most "obsolete proof" digital camera ?

victorgv wrote:

Jay Ell wrote:


with its Foveon sensor and big pixels - it has a look like no other camera.

I expect its prices used - to stay high

any comments or criticisms ?

Wasn't SD15 kind of obsolete on arrival, both sensor and body? Extreme noise, inaccurate colours and low resolution is hardly the key for high prices. It is moderately rare though, so this may keep the prices decent, but don't expect it to be an investment.

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In 2010 ? hardly.

In 2010 Nikon D7000 and Pentax K-5. The SD15 was obsolete when it was conceived.

Oh, and Sigma SD1 which was half a year after SD15...

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