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re: started to look at... WHAT are the longer FL options in XF-mount

and this got my attention almost straight away:

XF 55-200/3.5-4.8 R LM OIS (quite a mouthful for a name )

15mm wider than one of the best zooms in the similar range - the EF 70-200/4L IS, and BLACK = yet another advantage. Moreover, it is amazingly light for the FLs span and aperture.

However, on the cons side it seems that the pros were gained by quite a bit of compromise in the optical IQ design = this is yet another of the 'compulsory' FW corrections (so, the big question is whether the corrections are being hard-cooked into camera RAWs??). More info can be gleaned from the local review. Also AF is said to be pretty slow.


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