Lens to pair w/D7100 on safari, and second camera recs?

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Re: Lens to pair w/D7100 on safari, and second camera recs?

You will have a great time, one camera, two cameras or no cameras.

My suggestion is to have the D7100 & D7000.

Since it's to India I assume you will be photographing tigers. My wife and I got our best tiger images from riding elephants and we used 70-200 lens which is ideal for this use. She was using a D300 and I was using a D3s. During the ride I did add a 1.4 TC but soon removed it, she was fine without one. Great images as the tigers seem to act completely normal around the elephants. We had them sleeping within 5-7 meters of the walking elephant. If you are in the extreme eastern part of India you can get great shots of the single horn rhino from elephants. I did not even have to use the 1.4TC. If you are not going to ride elephants then I would leave the 70-200 at home.

In the vehicles I used a D3s, D7000, 24-124 and 200-400 Nikkors. I switched the lens as lighting and f/l required. If I was going back the D7000 would be replaced with my D7100 and the 200-400 with my 80-400. My wife still uses the D300 but now uses an 18-300 for most of her images. The 18-300 does not get very good reviews but in the field the images will surprise you. We have used it in South Africa, Churchill, Manitoba & Myanmar with very good  results. I sometime doubt if reviewers actually use the eqpt in the field.

If don't want to purchase then renting may be an option depending on your location. I saw nothing to indicated where you live.

Hope you return with great images.

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