X Pro 1--working life estimate, opinion.

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Re: X Pro 1--working life estimate, opinion.

lighttripper wrote:

Well, just to carry this on a tad more, the original owner was contacted about the big card file numbers and in response sounded a little irate--insisting the camera had only been used for 75 to 90 shots at most--then accusing me of trying to deal-down the purchase price. Actually, a calm, reasonable response to the issue would be more convincing. The little leather strap shields also showed noticeable wear as well--even though the strap itself was unused.

I'm keeping the camera. Thanks for all the feed back. Did see a link that lead to some discussion of big file numbers appearing with new Pro 1 cameras.

The actuation count on my XPro1 has been (randomly) reset a few times. I know this because it screws up the chronological order of the files in my HDD when sorted by name. So, no, it's not possible to tell how many shots have been taken.

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