Our (photographers) taste in photos vs the general public

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I see that too and I try to ignore certain types of people

If you haven't already noticed, the internet is full of photography experts that know how to instruct you to make super awesome landscape shots, portraits, 'street' photos, etc.  But don't worry, it's REALLY ok to ignore those people...

I try to avoid sharing much here because most people here just don't care unless it's a pixel peeping example.  I like to pixel peep when deciding on a camera and I mostly just use the official review sample photos to see the noise levels of various models.  So I DO pixel peep when I need to.

Most people in the general public give much more praise or like photos that are generally not well received here.  I've probably deleted a lot of photos I thought weren't worth keeping because in the back of my mind, I assumed my fellow shooters would think they're bad too.  More recently I've had a change of habit.  I tend not to care what other people think.  If I like it, I keep it and don't worry about others thoughts.  Sure, it's nice to have a lot of people like your photos, don't get me wrong, but I'm just saying....if you have a passion and you love what you're shooting, it usually shows and a lot of people will like it...even if it's not your fellow photogs.

Other than specific questions I ask when I need help with something, or if I'm just bored and want to see if there are known issues with certain camera models before buying, I generally don't listen to other photographer's advice.   Why?  Because I do photography for myself, so why should I care what anyone else thinks?     I use the features in the way I want to use them, regardless of how other people say is the 'correct' way to shoot....I process my photos the way I want to, regardless of how others say I should sharpen, lift shadows, lower highlights, etc, etc.  They can do whatever they want, but I'll do what I want.

Having said that....sure, for new photographers that need help with certain things or are still trying to find their artistic place, it's good to listen and try new things.   But for me, I've gotten to the point where I'm very happy with what I know about photography gear and how to get the 'look' I want, even if other shooters don't like how I do things.  Not everything I save is a work of art, but it usually means something to me, or I wouldn't be saving it or posting it.

Ok, you get the point....I guess

Disclaimer:  There's a difference in shooting for yourself vs. shooting to earn a living.  I only have to make myself happy.  That's why I said what I did.   I'm not trying to earn a living from photos.

One more disclaimer:  This is a gear forum so there were naturally be much more pixel peeping going on here, but some people just take it way too far.  Once people start talking about photons and uni-white balance and so on, I immediately go to a different thread because I couldn't care less about those discussion.  I see no point in it.  I think people would be better served by shooting more and talking less about photons.  Maybe then, their posted cat photos will be much improved (composition and artsy stuff like that )

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