27" display advice NEC & Eizo !

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Re: 27" display advice NEC & Eizo !
What is the difference between

-Multisync and Spectraview

-Spectraview and Spectraview Reference ??

Pricing of these is roughly

Spectraview 272 is £1200

Spectraview Reference 272 is £1600

Multisync 272 is £1000

Anyone actually got experience of these, and which would you go for?

Someone help!

In Europe if you want the full hardware calibration then you need a Spectraview model (if you manage to buy the US Spectraview from the US software then you can do full hardware calibration on a Multisync model).

As for whether you get a Spectraview or Spectraview reference, you will have to see whether you think the extra stuff you get with the reference model is worth the extra.

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