Our (photographers) taste in photos vs the general public

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Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

It is never my intention to annoy anyone, so if you find my threads in anyway bothersome I beg you to please pass them by on the thread list. On quite a few occasions folks have commented to me both publicly and privately that they appreciate my threads because they learned things from reading them.

Since this particular thread has been popular with others you may not have read all of the messages in it. Earlier I mentioned that I don't take photos to please me, I take them to please others. This thread is serving the purpose for which I started it. It is helping me to learn how I can improve composition, technical use of the camera, post processing, and selection of keepers, so that I can please MORE people with my images than I have been.

I have no illusions that everyone is going to like all of my images anymore than I expect everyone to like me. No one could have time to read all of the messages on this forum but we can choose to read those that give us the most enjoyment and benefit.

Where in my or Jim N'AZ's responses did either of us say we were annoyed?? We both simply and honestly responded to your request for discussion on your photos, and if you actually read them with an open mind you will see that they both complimented you in some measure while also providing constructive critique that you profess to desire so that you can improve your skills. In reality, the only "C&C" you want are complements and coddling, and anyone in this thread who has critiqued your work or not provided you with stroking that you obviously desire, you've twisted their response just as you did with me and Jim N'AZ as being somehow insulting or other than what you initially asked for.

Okay, I realize now what your numerous posts are all about - emotional neediness. And what will clearly be to your elation, I will no longer respond to nor even look at your posts that feign a desire for C&C of your work.

I have no doubt you will, as you always do, post another response to my comments, steeped in denial and misdirection and/or claiming that you are once again the victim, thus giving you the last word - and that's just fine with me.

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