Shutter Shock: My ep5 is bad. Would an em5 do better?

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Nevertheless, one thing that still baffles me are the indications we have of significant shutter shock with the camera on a heavy studio tripod (e.g., DPR studio scene samples and SLR Gear tests in their review of the 14-140 Mk II). What would be your take on that? Vibration rather than displacement of the camera as a whole? Or the latter, but if so where and how?

Could it be related to IBIS? The floating sensor is jarred by the shutter, or power fluctuation causing unwanted movement? I guess the way to test would be to somehow fix the sensor in place...

Not in the SLR Gear case. They tested with the GX1 (among other Pany bodies) and the outcome was the worst in that case. Possibly, there is something special with the Power OIS of the new 14-140, however, just as with the Power OIS of the X 14-42 and the X 45-175.

With regard to the DPR studio scene samples, IBIS doesn't seem like the most likely culprit either, on several counts. First we can see the problem not only with IBIS bodies but also others. Second, I have never found any significant evidence in my own testing (or that of others that I am aware of) that the new Oly IBIS makes things worse than they would otherwise be (whether on or off). I am less sure of the old Oly IBIS in this regard. Perhaps Ken, who has experience with several Oly bodies with the old IBIS, can fill us in on that.

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