Rejoice !!! Yet another equivalency thread :D Locked

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Rejoice !!! Yet another equivalency thread :D

The slow fading of the other threads about equivalency being a thorn in my natural thirst for knowledge, I can not feel but compelled to open a new one

So here it is:

Apples for apples, and excepting out of the ordinary products (such as shg f2 zooms)

- Would a 24mm 1.8 4/3 lens be as easy / inexpensive to build as a FF 50mm 1.8 lens (given both are the quasi "Standard" focal for their respective sensor size ?)

- Or, at the contrary should it be considered as "25mm is 25mm", hence the 25mm 1.8 4/3 lens would follow the optical configuration and technical solutions applied on a FF 25mm lens ?

- Or, if the comparison in sensor coverage between FF and 4/3 plays too much in the equation and flaws it - STAYING WITHIN THE 4/3 STANDARD - would a 4/3 25mm lens be still more expensive to conceive / build than a 4/3 50mm lens ?

Basically - would the rule "50mm lenses are the least expensive and simpler to build" work across the board (not depending on sensor coverage), or will it have to be adjusted for equivalency ?

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