Faked DSLR - A new trend for the mirrorless.

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Re: What other shape do you want it to be?

Well, I want it to be in the middle so I can engage the camera with both hands without my cheekbone/the side of my face interfering with one of my hands.  And, yes, part of it is habit and familiarity-- I have been shooting with center viewfinder cameras all in my life, so that's what seems right to me.

That said,  I agree that  mirrorless technology offers a great deal of flexibility in camera design.  A trend that could easily develop from the present situation would be for manufactures to develop both side viewfinder "rangefinder style" and center viewfinder "DSLR style" camera bodies (and perhaps others we can't even imagine today) which would share sensors and other parts as well as a lens mount and a common pool of lenses. The current situation  in the micro 4/3rds world might be a model for this, with camera bodies in a wide variety of styles, sizes and feature sets and a large selection of lenses from both the camera body manufacturers and third parties.

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