Phenomenal interest in the X-T1

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Re: Phenomenal interest in the X-T1

Sal Baker wrote:

More On wrote:

I think everyone's waiting for Fuji to put a reliable focussing mechanism in front of the X Trans sensor. Fuji's cameras have to this point had a touch of beta about them. The X-T1 looks like a step in the right direction.

It depends on what the AF is compared to. The X-E2 has much more accurate AF than the Canon 5DII, is about the same speed with center AF points, has much better AF point coverage across the screen towards the edges, and has dead accurate outer AF points (albeit slightly slower) than the hit and miss outer points in the Canon. The Fuji doesn't have the obligatory AF fine tune adjustments for each lens because it doesn't need it. Very refreshing not to have to test every new lens for back focus, etc.


I agree with the accuracy but the XE2, even when coupled with the 23/1.4, is no where as fast as USM lenses, despite Fuji's bold claim of "fastest AF".

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