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re: pls. note that was 15 consecutive frames at 8 FPS = almost exactly 2 secs.

GaryW wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

GaryW wrote:

From many reviewers and posts, the Nikon 1 series did manage to have fast hybrid PDAF. If that was the most important feature, shouldn't it have done better? Perhaps the Fuji can bridge the gap between the two, but I'm not convinced that my Nex-6 AF is so bad....

...the Nikon's N1/N2 series indeed show pretty good AF'ing esp. in the tracking context, however, their tiny sensors put that class of 1" cameras firmly outside of my interest.

Yeah, there's a clear tradeoff -- smaller sensor, but better AF tracking. The prices were still kind of high originally, as I recall.

There already are some samples of action type shootouts... with the XT-1. Not very stringent or extremely ambitious in my book, but in the past I took part in many mixed gear gatherings (mostly BIFs, some falconry shows, acrobatics, etc. the usual kind of events where one can expect a good mix of photogs in some informal settings = conductive to info exchanges), usually inclusive of some Nex-6 or Nex-5R shooters, and with no exception they were able to capture at best few keepers, whereas all others captured dozens if not hundreds of keepers .

I find BIF to be notoriously difficult, an edge-case if you will. I'm not sure I had a lot of keepers with my DSLR, but I never went out of my way to just do "birding", so I have not really thought through the settings. The last time I made an attempt, the birds were too dark and blurred, even though I had raised the EV and used 1/400 shutter -- I notice that some people use 1/4000! Next time, I'll try to make that change...

yes, 1/400 is about 3-4 times too slow for a BIF to be a success. As Danny wrote in his generous tips three factors are crucial for a BIF attempt to yield a keeper: [a] good light and in good position too (behind or at least sideways to a shooter and target), [b] short enough SS, I'd try to use at least 1/1250-1/1600 sec; [c] long enough FL in a bright prime (or zoom, but not many are of sufficiently fast aperture, and quick enough AF hardware+firmware combo), f/4-f/5.6 are usually a good compromise in 300-400 mm range (with 300mm being a bit on a short end);

So... pretty lenient settings - any DSLR will cope with this with no problems, yet it seemed beyond hope for any APS-C sensored MILC before the XT-1:

Fujifilm X-T1, XF56mmF1.2 R (pre-production), SOOC JPEG

pls. note that was 15 consecutive frames at 8 FPS = almost exactly 2 secs. of action The kid is not exactly of BIF level of difficulty = much slower a movement; a larger target; shorter FL (which means a lot thicker a DOF); but... it already attests to the XT-1 being at least sufficient to attempt more ambitious tasks EDIT: I've only now checked the EXIFs - this series was done at... f/1.4 and 1/4000 sec, which of course does change one's outlook on things !!

Yeah, I saw this sequence. Looks promising. I think this is as much as most people would want/need.

I'd really like to try this with my Nex-6. Not sure what settings to use -- speed priority? And AEL with Shutter set to off.

if there is a focus priority on N6 I'd personally avoid it as nothing is more frustrating than a frozen shutter button due to a wait for focus confirm. If there is a maximum ISO on Auto and in Manual mode, then setting the lens wide open and SS not less than 1/1250 might be a good starting point. AFIK the N6's 16Mpx sensor can go to 3200 without getting excessively noisy in a good outdoor light (golden hours at dawn or dusk are usually the best, esp. as wildlife gets quite active and already is either still present or gathers in their preferred sleeping quarters),


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