Faked DSLR - A new trend for the mirrorless.

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Re: Absolutely correct!

Glen Barrington wrote:

socode wrote:

Glen Barrington wrote:

Actually, yes, it IS a fake rangefinder since THEY use prisms as well as using simple geometry to find the distance when focusing.

If you believe any EVF is a fake something, it's getting well up the ridiculous scale. The EVF assembly needs only electronic linkage so it could be anywhere, except it would be a fairly poor usability choice to put it at the bottom pointing back, pointing up, down or pointing to the front & obscuring the lens.

Actually I don't believe that at all. I have no problem with "fake" anything as long as the quality is there. But I DO believe words have meaning, and calling a rectangular camera with the EVF on the top left of the camera a "rangefinder" is silly, there is NO ability of any such camera that I'm aware of that can actually FIND the range! I'm quite comfortable with calling it a rangefinder style camera, I'm comfortable with coming up with a new name. But it is NOT a rangefinder camera.


And if someone can find a believable reason why the recent MILCs are shaped like DSLRs (actually, I think I have come up with two such reasons, but I can't prove them) I'm willing to stop calling that hump, a fake pentaprism housing

If you do have an EVF, not obscuring a large screen, the obvious place to put it is centrally on top, and it doesn't obscure your eye line if you move it. Since there are left and right eyed people, flash, people I think the SLR has it there for much the same reasons.

If it isn't there, it's going to be extreme left or right. I just don't think there's that much flexibility.

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