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GaryW wrote:

Maybe we're merely fanboys who think we've gotten nice cameras. Why not be excited? Sony is just killing it with IQ in these sensors. What's your priority? AF speed over IQ? That's valid, but because others value IQ first doesn't make them "paid shills". And, IMO, AF speed really isn't the problem with my Nex-6 -- if anything, it's accuracy, although I'm not sure that that's all that much worse than other cameras. Tracking might be particularly poor, although I have not really gotten a good real-world test.

If I was waiting for the N7 successor, I would not be worried about AF speed at all. A7 knocked it out the park for AF speed in my opinion. If you're coming from pre-PDAF NEX cameras, you will feel the difference like night and day. Not sure how a NEX-6 user will feel about it, but everything I've read says it's faster than the 6 by a noticeable amount too.

Why are there so many posts implying that the A7 has poor AF? I think "AF speed" is notoriously difficult to measure. On my DSLR, it varies greatly depending on the lens.

Trolls know if they repeat it often enough, it will stick, whether or not it is true. So they repeat it every chance they get, even if they've never handled the camera. They also try to confuse A7 and A7R which have different AF performances. But just to repeat this till it sticks: A7 has blazing fast AF in good light. NEX-7II will have blazing fast AF in good light. It may even hold up better into lower light than the A7 because smaller sensors with wider DoFs tend to.

Now as for why Sony should be worried when it's occupying uncontested turf at the top of the pile when it comes to IQ, I have no clue. X-T1 would have interested me 7 months ago before the A7 rumors picked up steam. Now, not so much. I'm sure the blazing fast AF grinds down pretty fast in low light just the same way OMDs and A7s and all the others do - it's not the first time Fuji claimed they had blinding AF speeds (remember the claims about X20? lol?).

From many reviewers and posts, the Nikon 1 series did manage to have fast hybrid PDAF. If that was the most important feature, shouldn't it have done better? Perhaps the Fuji can bridge the gap between the two, but I'm not convinced that my Nex-6 AF is so bad....

I am sure Fuji's is fast. I'm just not sure it's fast enough to notice a performance difference with Sony's current generation of hybrid system or be a compelling reason to jump systems. And Sony have been confident enough to keep with CDAF on their NEX-3 series, which sells pretty well too.. which goes to show you how much the 'mass' market really cares about it.

There are those who are getting fed up waiting for Sony's new line (despite, funny enough, their cameras being NEX-5 series, not top of the lines) and are trying to force a narrative of Sony users being fed up with Sony. It may be true of themselves, but it's not true of a lot of people, hence their threads getting to hundreds of posts because people (shockingly) disagree with them. Then they cry conspiracy as if their view is the consensus and it's a tiny minority disagreeing with them.  Even when new posters without previous experience arguing with them continuously reach the same disagreements. The much simpler explanation is that lots of people actually do disagree with them, and fewer people disagree with the people who are getting plenty of satisfaction out of their Sony cameras.

The one thing Sony don't look like covering will be weather sealing, since if you wanted that on APS-C you'd need to use FE lenses. Not sure the strictly-APS-C people will like that, having decided they're being neglected if they are offered FE lenses. And I doubt Sony are going to come up with a weather-sealed APS-C lens lineup for some time - or we'd have heard about a new roadmap by now. Fuji are struggling to come out with an entirely new weather-sealed lineup of lenses, and mostly in their top end zooms, so those are going to be expensive and heavy.

FWIW I doubt the NEX IBIS rumors are true - would be great but I think it's simply a communication screw up between marketing and R&D.

Yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath on this one.

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