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Re: re: a lot of pressure on Sony now ... part-II

GaryW wrote:

parallaxproblem wrote:

jpr2 wrote: the part-I run into a wall of 150 posts per thread limit, due in not small degree to a myriad of one-liner posts by few users well known for such a tactic - who always try to derail threads they don't agree with, here is the part-II.

Yes, there are very clear attempts to derail and fill up threads which are considered 'dangerous' by a small number of people posting here

Compare with this following thread which is basically a 'love-in' for the faux-DSLR which *may* be the new Sony design standard and which a number of us dislike:

There was not a single negative or disruptive posting... not one. These guys were left in peace to discuss what they liked

I did post that I preferred my Nex-6, although I can see where some might prefer the hump-EVF. I even mentioned that for ultimate portability, I'd prefer my Nex-5 and no EVF. So, they weren't left completely without any contradictory views, but no one really took me up on my disagreements. I wasn't that disagreeable,though.

OH good, I'm not on either of these threads. Pshew!

Draw your own conclusions concerning the motivations behind such behaviour...

Why wouldn't it simply be typical fanboy behavior? It doesn't have to be a bigger conspiracy -- there are always those who will champion their favorite cause, sometimes without giving any merit to alternative views.

I've already told you that you aren't in the list of 'perpetrators' of this kind of thing (just the fact that I can read and reply to your messages should indicate this)

Do you deliberately fill up threads? No

Do you attack the messagner rather than the message? Not normally

Do you deliberately play dumb to try to draw the people out into either a protracted discussion which bores everybody else sensless or worse a mud-slinging match in which the original point gets forgotton and the OP becomes discredited? No

Do you use 'lawyers tricks' and 'debating tactics' (circular arguments, strawmen and other logical fallacies etc) to lay traps or discredit the other person? No

Have you changed your opinion on the 'hump' as it becomes more likely that we might (note 'might, not 'will' as I don't know the future) see it on all future Sony EVF cameras? No

I have no problem with straightforward 'fanboys' (don't really like that term as it seem insulting, though like 'nerd' appears to have been adopted by the targets) who like their cameras and 'support' their brand. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion

What we have seen happen in some cases goes way beyond that, however

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