Still like the form factor of X-E2 over X-T1

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Re: Still like the form factor of X-E2 over X-T1

I've already pre-ordered the X-T1 but I think they could have made an effort to keep the size and weight down.

It's a bit too long, I think the X100 was 126.5mm and that was perfect. That exposure comp dial is just a bit too big.

I would also rather have a fixed display and the camera being thinner.

High-wise I don't think they could have done much though.

The X-T1 is also around 90g or so more heave than the X-E1/2, that's more than the weight of the 27mm lens.

The reason most of us (I think) moved to mirroreless was size and weight and I'm just not liking this trend for chunkier cameras.

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