Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

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What are you trolling about ?

Lumixdude wrote:

Don't tell me about ISO, as I believe ISO bumping is an anachronism.

For what type of anachronic camera ?

I'm this close to actually buying an NEX, but then I look at things... I could handle the 18-105 at F/4.... that's quite a good aperture if you look at the long end, but where are your wide and fast wide angle lenses?

So where are the wide fast angle lenses for m43 ?
Pana 7-14F4 ?
Sony has SEL1018F4 - excellent and stabilized.

I want something in the vicinity of a 14-35

14-35 in m43 terms ? OK, in m43 you have 2.8 zooms, NEXes have F4 Zeiss, and 18105G, and NEX's ISO is one stop better than m43's, so..

or there abouts which would go down to something like F/1.8 but Sony doesn't offer anything here...

Nobody offers anything here ( in the 24-70 ff equivalent range )
The only 1.8 zoom is Sigma's 18-35 (not 14-35), not available for mirrorless... yet
and very big for mirrorless.

It's a shame really, the one lens I would use frequently for landscape photog and Sony doesn't have one?

for landscape photography you need depth of field, so you don't need a F1.8 zoom, but a very sharp and contrasty prime at F8-F11.. maybe a Zeiss Touit, or the SEL1018 ?

And, in the end, if you want ultimate quality go for PRIMES, Sony has excellent primes, including the unique stabilized SEL35F18 and SEL50F18, and there are also The Sigma triplet, the Samyang lenses.

So.. what are you talking about ?

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