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Danny: yes, some pretty revolutionary design tricks

nzmacro wrote:

By the sound of it the EVF is superb !! Especially what its capable of, that appeals. The remote, very, very nice. Both very clever.

Am not sure whether Ricoh might not be having a dual display also = full view and enlarged one in the inset? Tom from AU would know, but he is pretty absent from DPR lately.

That's from what I've seen so far. With MF users we can swing between a lot of mirrorless options, Olympus, Panasonic ..... m4/3, Fuji, Samsung, etc.

alas, for me it must be APS-C or larger sensor, which leaves only few players: Samsung, Ricoh, Canon (two Eoses M & M2, but their AF is a saddest joke in industry, and alas both are VF-less - same as Ricoh), and of course Sony and Fuji

And then there's NEX What I've always wondered with these other cameras that have adopted focus peaking is, are they as versatile with FP as the Sony. Do they have similar or are they totally different. That would be a deal breaker and so would front shutter. Then we have the APS-c 24mp sensor for cropping.

indeed this is a crucial question, from what Tom says, Ricoh FP leaves all the competition socks down, but maybe Fuji managed to catch up with XT-1?

Personally the NEX-7 has been far beyond its years and its going to take one heck of a camera to get some of us to change.

indeed again - should the N7-classic be equipped with at least entry level DSLR's AF (or better still prosumer level DSLR) I'd never look for either N7 mk-II or for replacement. Instead I'd simply buy a stash of such N7's to last me till the end of my days and... stopped wasting time on the Internet

If I was into fast AF, it would be a DSLR or an SLT. Thank goodness that doesn't come into it and allows us to simply change to any mirrorless camera or brand. Next camera this end has to have 1/8000, I know where that can be useful. I prefer the EVF at the left and not in the centre. I know the difference and have used a centre EVF before in the Panasonic. Doesn't appeal going back to that to be honest. Rear LCD screen, well if it wasn't there it wouldn't worry me at all. Its not used.

yup, the 1/8000 is on a top of my list - but somehow they found it tricky to deliver, esp. together with EFC synchronization. Lets hope it will be there one day. The hump is a serious detrimental factor for me, esp. as it is completely unnecessary - perhaps (given choice) I'd prefer something completely unsymetric body-wise like the old F828 or F717 = LHC VF and all the weight going to my supporting (that is the left) arm.

At the end of the day, why change

well, this is personal of course, but mu guesstimete is that MF-only is sufficient for about 70% of all shooting opps I encounter (and we're talking of hundreds of thousands RAWs, so the missing 30% is quite substantial a number too )

All the best and yep, something special needs to get the NEX-7 away from my hands. Maybe a new version of it.


indeed, and that "something" might be either N7- mk-II (hopefully hump-less, but with at least XT-1 class AF for dynamic targets shooting), or XT-1 (a real pity it is so huge, and... overpriced too IMO), or... an endless wait for Canon to wake up and to deliver MILC worthy their reputation and potential!!!



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