Do You Use the Neck Strap?

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I can't have anything cross in front of my neck, gag!

bruxi wrote:

The BR straps are a pain in the front of the neck, literally. Their "solution" is an additional strap that is under the arm that pulls the BR strap away from the front of the neck. Stupid!

You are not doing it correctly. Should be nowhere near the front of your neck.

Not a physical pain, but it triggers my gag reflex. A normal SLR strap I don't have a problem with because it goes straight down, but anything that come in contact with the front half of my neck triggers my gag reflex, especially something with weight.

I had a bridge camera with only a single strap point which caused the strap to cross in front of my neck...could never wear it because of that.

I can't wear a tie, or do up my top button for the same reason...I always have my collar wide open. Going to the barber or dentist is a definite struggle as well.

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