Em-1 Noise in Low ISO, Low light shots.

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You really did a terrible job with this exposure

The amount you underexposed was quite excessive, and certainly contributed to the amount of noise in the photo. You need to keep in mind that when photographing white subjects like clouds, one has to actually INCREASE exposure OVER what the camera's meter recommends. And that is because white subjects reflect more light than your average scene. And your camera's meter thus gets tricked into believing that there is much more light than there really is. It consequently becomes necessary to increase exposure ABOVE what your camera recommends, in order to get a good picture.

Secondly, all of the white clouds also threw off the camera for coming up with a correct color balance too. That needed to be adjusted as well. Your photo is way too cool in color temperature.

Since when have you ever seen blue colored fog? Your photo could hardly look more unnatural in color.

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