Nikon Singapore issues letter of intent of legal action against me (Nikon D4 issue)

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Re: The problem with testing & about my approach

The letter, if genuine, indicates otherwise. Assuming Nikon's in-house legal department is as proficient as the one at the large corporation I work at, they will of only sent such a letter when they are sure of themselves around the facts and because you are bordering on harassment.

Sad to say it but I think posting the letter here and all the threads makes you look worse than Nikon. If you had started a thread and briefly explained your issue and your conclusions (including your exchanges) people would have taken it more seriously. And yes, demonstrating your issue would have gone a long way to obtaining a sensible and constructive response.

surrephoto wrote:

I would like to clarify the issue about testing and showing Nikon results.

Throughout the issue Nikon has never actively asked for test images. The very once I showed them informal test images, the CS rep insisted that certain specifications of charts must be used (in accordance with their standards).

Furthermore, many of these issues are aggravated by shooting conditions and color temperature. This is normal for all cameras (eg. front focusing in very warm light), but however when you have a asymmetrical AF in the first place, it just makes matter worse for either side of the field, you basically are stuck with the central AF point.

I will proceed to redo some test which will hopefully answer questions for people here.

And a final note. I receive constant questioning about my approach. For one, culture is different in the west & the east. Someone who complains is seldom seen as patient or reasonable, the fallacy is simply because he is the one complaining & making the claim. I have been very, very patient & only resorted to the social media because of the activity from Nikon. Never once have I been aggressive towards Nikon. You all might be appalled by the accent & tone I have received from certain Nikon employees in the course of my plight, did I get aggressive? Never once.

Everyone who complains is a bad customer?

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